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Kupi Hot Wheels Back to the Future 1: 18 Delorean with Mr Fusion

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1:18 Back To The Future Time Machine with Mr. Fusion The iconic Back to the Future Time Machine is the centre piece of the Back to the Future movie trilogy, which follows the adventures of teenager Marty McFly as he is blasted to both the past and the future in the time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown. Considered one of the most successful film trilogies in movie history, the films literally changed the future of the adventure movie genre. First released in 1985 from Academy Award®-winning filmmaker's Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future – and its Time Machine – became an international phenomenon. Relive great memories of the past with this perfect replica created by Hot Wheels Elite. Highly detailed iconic movie motor Opening doors Highly Detailed interior Detailed pipework and Mr Fusion unit Dashboard detail includes retro fitted alarm clock Includes 1:18th Scale "Hover Board"