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Kupi Cluster Frenzy (Android)

Cijena: 0,93 €
Platforma: Android
Žanr: Puzzle

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)
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Click on a cluster of two or more blocks – and off they go! Sounds simple, right? But give it a try, and you'll quickly discover that there's more here than meets the eye! Sounds familiar? Think you've already seen games like this before? Let me tell you why this one is different. The game consists of 12 fields – each containing differently colored blocks. Your goal is to clear them all. Let’s get started! Want it easy? Pick the first field. Up for a challenge? No problem at all: even the last field is already open to play! Here, everything is up to you! So you've started. Click, click, click - blocks are being removed. But wait, what is that star with a number on top of the field? It shows you how many blocks you have to remove with one click to earn a bonus icon. Bonus icons – the heart of the game. With them you can remove single blocks. This adds a new dimension of strategy to the game. Unused bonus icons you’ve earned will follow you wherever you go. Collect and save them, as you will discover what a precious resource they are. Freedom! With a pocket full of bonus icons you can freely jump between the fields. Earn bonus icons on the easier fields and use them to beat the harder ones. Each field will patiently await your return in the same state as you left it. So change them, clear them, refill them with fresh blocks, and search for hidden mega and color bonuses. You may even switch between 5 separate profiles whenever you feel like it – and each one may be a different way to complete the challenge. How about those rewards? Have you won them all yet? There are 12 tiny images on the selection screen, and each represents one field. Have you noticed all those stars and numbers? They list all the prizes you’ve won! - The numbers show your current high score. Think you can beat it? - The shining star in the top left corner indicates that you've already cleared this field. - The two rows of stars below each icon show how many mega and color bonuses you’ve collected so far! So, have you won them all? This game is a perfect combination of lovely graphics, serene music, relaxing sounds and the joyful voice cheering your accomplishments. One click, and instantly you find yourself tempted to repeat it. So, you try it once again... and again... and you’re hooked! You’re invited – click... click... And the fun is on!