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Kupi Star Control: Origins STEAM Key (PC)

Cijena: 15,00 € / 113,02 kn
Platforma: PC
Žanr: Avantura

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Welcome AboardWelcome to Star Control, Captain! You’re here because you’ve shown exemplary service, aced all your flight exams, and - most importantly - passed all the sanity tests.

Humanity has learned that it is not alone in the universe and that we are hopelessly outmatched by alien civilizations seeking to destroy us. You have been selected to command Earth's first and only interstellar starship to accomplish this - try not to break it. It was expensive.

Your mission: Save humanity, Captain. At all costs and by any means necessary.A Vast UniverseSet in the year 2088, humanity has discovered it’s not alone in the universe. Worse yet, it is catastrophically unprepared to deal with what's out there. In response, Star Control is formed and the player is selected to command the crew of the U.E.S. Vindicator.

Star Control: Origins takes place in a huge living universe just waiting to be explored. Players will find their time split between exploring distant solar systems, landing on exotic planets, navigating hyperspace, and interacting with alien species.

Encounter exotic alien civilizations. Explore strange new worlds. Assemble a fleet mighty enough to face galactic powers that have bestrode the galaxy for thousands of years.Features
Navigate a living universe filled with thousands of new worlds and hundreds of hand-crafted adventures.
Travel across exotic and amazing worlds searching for relics, Precursor artifacts, and treasures.
Meet strange new aliens that can become great allies or terrible enemies.
Find alien technology to upgrade your ship from being an embarrassment to the terror of the galaxy.
Navigate through thousands of planets in a universe that has a deep history spanning. back hundreds of thousands of years.
Design your own ships or download them from Steam to build fleets and take them into combat in fleet battles.
Experience and all-new Sci-Fi universe in which you are the central character.
Join the adventure. Save the world.

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