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Kupi Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe DIGITAL (3DS)

Cijena: 54,00 HRK
Platforma: 3DS

Status: U prodaji
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As King Dedede, you’re in for a high-flying trip as you move left to right through seven colourful stages, bouncing on drums in time to sweet Kirby tunes. Press the A Button when you land to trigger a High Jump, then again at the highest point to Super Jump, sending you soaring to the top of the upper screen! The higher you leap, the more points you earn, and if you press the A Button on the backbeat to clap, a combo bonus starts – finish a whole level without missing a single clap, and you’ll earn a sweet backbeat bonus! You’ll need more than good timing, though, as there are moving and breakable drums, plus plenty of obstacles and enemies to avoid. Some will zoom forth from the background, while others can even cover up goodies like coins, which give you points – grab as many coins as you can, then see if you can beat your score on your next run! You can even relive your last performance in Replay Jam, adding new sounds along the way! Once you’ve finished all seven stages, take on tougher versions of each level, where you’ll need all your skills to grab an even higher score. Unlock masks to equip King Dedede with new sounds – and to give him snazzy new looks, of course! Bounce on drums in time to the music across seven funky stages
Avoid obstacles and enemies, including moving and even breakable drums!
Trigger a combo bonus by clapping on the backbeat, then grab coins for a high score
Open up tougher versions of each stage, and unlock masks to give King Dedede new sounds!

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