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Kupi Shantae DIGITAL (3DS)

Cijena: 38,00 HRK
Platforma: 3DS

Status: U prodaji
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Game Boy Color adventure Shantae comes to Europe for the first time. In this 2D platform game you control Shantae, a purple-haired half-genie, as she goes on an adventure to stop the evil pirate Risky Boots. During a raid on Shantae's home of Scuttle Town, Risky stole the vital Steam Engine, and as the town's guardian, it's up to Shantae to get it back. Experience exciting action, an original story and 2D platform gameplay, all brought to life with vividly animated graphics. Transform using Shantae's shape-shifting powers, battle enemies with her powerful ponytail, and unleash all  her genie magic to thwart Risky’s terrible plot!   Classic 2D platforming action, available in Europe for the first time An original storyline featuring a half-genie, pirates and a land in distress. What more could you ask for?  Travel across Sequin Land, battling enemies and using genie powers to defeat the notorious pirate Risky Boots

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