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Kupi Guacamelee! 2 STEAM Key (PC)

Cijena: 7,00 €
Platforma: PC
Žanr: Avantura

Status: U prodaji
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Prilagođeno za dob: PEGI 12


Explore a huge, hand-crafted world inspired by Mexican culture and folklore, filled with sassy new villains and weirdos (and a few old friends!). Learn a deep repertoire of bone-crunching moves to fend off the skeletal hordes and overcome a multitude of platforming challenges.
...and who said anything about a Chicken Illuminati? Certainly not us! Key Features: New moves like Eagle Boost, Pollo Shot and more add to Juan’s arsenal of combat and platforming abilities. New powers for Juan’s chicken form! Ridiculous chicken-based platforming, combat and exploration. More chicken than you’ll be able to handle (probably). An epic adventure through the worlds of the living and the dead, across rifts in time and space -- more gorgeous than ever thanks to a fancy new rendering engine. Bigger maps, twice as many enemy types as the first game, and a roster of eccentric new bosses. Discover “trainers” from around the world, defeat their challenges, and upgrade your abilities. Soundtrack featuring new music from the composers of the original Guacamelee! OST, plus tracks from special guests Mariachi Entertainment System! Drop-in / drop-out 4-player local co-op through the entire story.

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