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Kupi DDC Worldwide Games DIGITAL (Nintendo Switch)

Cijena: 445,00 HRK
Platforma: Nintendo Switch

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)
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Tabletop classics from around the world come together in 51 Worldwide Games on Nintendo Switch!   Mancala Hanafuda Backgammon Renegade Draughts President Dominoes Speed Hare and Hounds Blackjack Four-in-a-Row Chess Shogi Mini Shogi Ludo Riichi Mahjong Sevens Golf Darts Texas Hold’em Nine Men’s Morris Air Hockey War Carrom Chinese Checkers Yacht Dice Takoyaki Billiards Hex Spider Solitaire Gomoku Matching Bowling Shooting Gallery Slot Cars Dots and Boxes Hit and Blow Pig’s Tail Mahjong Solitaire Last Card Fishing Klondike Solitaire Toy Tennis Toy Football Toy Curling Toy Boxing Toy Baseball Battle Tanks Team Tanks Sliding Puzzle 6-Ball Puzzle   Phew, that's 51 games! There are many ways to play them. Some games are multiplayer, including options for up to four people, playing via local wireless, and in some cases, online play is supported, too.   The game is already available for pre-purchase/pre-download. The game will become playable upon official release on 05.06.2020 at 00:00 local time.