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Kupi Manual Samuel Game and Soundtrack Bundle (PC)

Cijena: 75,00 HRK
Platforma: PC
Žanr: Avantura

Status: U prodaji
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Prilagođeno za dob: PEGI 16


Manual Samuel is a classic adventure game with a wild twist. After making a deal with Death, our hero, the spoiled rich-kid Samuel, must survive for 24 hours controlling his entire body manually. From breathing and blinking to driving and working, all these tasks will fall to you. It won’t be easy, with Death himself tagging along for the ride, you might be in some very deep feces!


A hilarious story of love, redemption and death with secrets to uncover along the way.

Unique, hand-drawn 2D art and animation bring the world of Manual Samuel to life.

Play solo or share control of Sam’s body with a friend for local co-op fun.

Master the brutal time-attack mode.

Scintillating soundtrack by Sondre Jensen and Ozan Drøsdal.

Over 600 lines of dialogue expertly executed by eloquent voice actors.
Manual Samuel Official Soundtrack - Sondre Jensen

01 - Sam Sam Sam
02 - The black horsemen
03 - Feces happen
04 - Death 4 lyfe
05 - Home sweet home
06 - Carpoolin'
07 - Kill them all
08 - Robocorp inc.
09 - Zero days since the last incident
10 - Sturdy ol' robosuit
11 - The maid did it
12 - No child left behind
13 - Back to hell
14 - The big S
15 - Lucy I be home
16 - Credits

İşletim Sistemi: Windows /7/8/8.1/10 both x86 and x64 İşlemci: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 or equivalent Bellek: 2 GB RAM Ekran Kartı: Intel HD Graphics 5500 or equivalent Depolama: 3 GB kullanılabilir alan   (c) 2016 Curve Digital

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