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Kupi Myth Makers Super Kart Gp (Wii)

Cijena: 149,00 HRK
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Utrke

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Join the magical Myth Makers characters in their Super Kart GP. • Take up the Myth Makers challenge and race against unique characters, or challenge your friends to leagues, cups, time trails or face a solo challenge and try to defeat the evil Mumbra. • Collect pick-ups to enhance your kart; use weapons to knock your opponents off the road, shields to protect yourself and speed boosts to overtake or risk big jumps to find the elusive shortcuts. • Use the benefits of the Nintendo Wii control system by placing the Wii Remote in the driving position. Tilt your controller left and right to control your Super Kart like your hands were on the wheel itself. • Players can race head to head with Mumbra and by beating him you will be taught unique special powers bestowed upon you by the Myth Academy. • Up to 4 players can play simultaneously, with different modes of play from time trails to cup challenges • Earn rewards by competing in different Cup Challenges around the Myth Realm, unlock extra vehicles, levels and special powers Fantastic family fun and mad cartoon action, all rolled into one mystical experience…