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Kupi Nitrobike (Wii)

Cijena: 149,00 HRK
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Utrke

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Feel the adrenaline-pumping thrill of high speed motocross racing in Nitrobike. Putting you behind the handlebars of a turbo-charged motorbike, Nitrobike comes to you from the makers of the classic Excitebike 64 and invites you to tear up dirt tracks and leave the pack trailing behind you in a cloud of dust. An arcade-style racer with the emphasis firmly on fun, Nitrobike features a host of game modes for you to try out on your way to becoming a world class racer. In single player mode you’ll have the option of competing in a single exhibition race or full exhibition series, sharing the track with up to nine opponents in every race and tearing through deserts, cities and forests. As you progress in one series you’ll unlock the next, racing your way through 42 events and 20 levels in total. Ten different difficulty settings make Nitrobike instantly accessible as well as hugely challenging, while six different types of career events will test your skills to the limit - calling on you to perform gravity-defying tricks as well as simply beating your opponents into first place. Controlling your rocket-propelled bike couldn’t be easier thanks to the Wii Remote. Simply tilting it right and left will steer you around the high speed tracks, while leaning it forward and back will control the angle of your bike when you catch some air. Performing tricks in mid-air will earn you a stronger nitro boost. The more wild your tricks, the bigger the boost! Nitrobike also boasts a turbo-charged multiplayer mode that lets you challenge 2-4 players in a split-screen race or take to the track against up to five other players online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. When you race online you’ll be able to take on your friends or challenge random players and test your dirt bike skills against the best in the world – proving your ultimate superiority by topping the online leaderboards. Race turbo-charged motocross bikes at blistering speeds and control them by simply tilting the Wii Remote. Up to six players can compete in online races via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Turn your motorbike into a bowling ball with the bowling mini-game and see how many strikes you can notch up!