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Kupi Rugby League Challenge (PSP)

Cijena: 39,68 €
Platforma: PSP
Žanr: Sport

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The only fully licensed Rugby League game on PSP comes packed with new features, addictive game play and great graphics. Featuring all the stars of the NRL and Super League, as well as detailed replications of the games most famous stadiums, strips and leagues. Play through an entire season of rounds and the finals series, leading up to the Grand Final. Use strategy to manage your clubs and train up key players in key positions to enhance your own attack and defence styles. All official teams: All the official NRL and Super League teams are present and available to play as, and play against leading up to the grand finalQuick Match mode: Jump right into the action from the main menu with a range of difficulty levels to suit all playersSeason mode: Play through the regular season, finals and then the Grand Final. Opposition team stats are generated at the start of each new season making for different team strengths and weaknesses every time you playChanging Player Statistics: Make strategic decisions on training players in various areas and they will physically move faster, kick further and more accurately and increase their chances of successfully tackling or resisting tacklesMultiple camera angles: Several key camera modes - close behind the player, zoom out and wide zoom - available from the options menu or cycle through them during game play itself.Varied player animations: All players feature a range of animations. Kicks, passes, catching, sprint and tackles are all there and will play differently depending if your player was successful or not in any action, depending on their stats.