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Kupi Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Senior Year (PS 2)

Cijena: 7,83 €
Platforma: PS 2
Žanr: Muzika

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)

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1.Quick Play Mode Allows the player to get straight into singing Player can select any song within tracklist, difficulty level and if the song normally is a duet, which part they want to play With 2 microphones, players can chose from Duet, Versus or Solo Performance is rated 2. Single Player Mode 2.1 Sing It! School Practice difficult elements of songs Unlock extra and secret content Divided in lessons focussing on a particular singing skill such as pitch, accuracy, breathing and harmony Each lesson hosted by VO actor/ coach Player gets 3 tries to reach max score. If achieved he gets a digital sticker to collect in the digital sticker book 2. 2 Gig Mode 2.3 Challenge Mode 3. Multi Player Mode 3.1 Duet 3.2 Versus 3.3 Gig Mode 3.4 Team Play up to 8 players can play in 2 teams Versus Duet Mix n Match