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Kupi Mystery Files Millionheir (NDS)

Cijena: 26,41 €
Platforma: NDS
Žanr: Avantura

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)(Po narudžbi)

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Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir showcases a multitude of beautiful, intricately detailed painted scenes in which players seek out cleverly hidden items to progress through an interactive detective story. There are 12 potential heirs to examine, 30 detailed scenes to peruse and more than 1,000 hidden objects to find With the game's intuitive touch-screen control, fans can quickly delve into the world of Mystery Case Files:MillionHeir and begin their investigation. Players use special analytical tools and interact with on-screen objects simply by using the Nintendo DS stylus Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is the only Mystery Case Files game to include multiplayer options. In multiplayer modes, players can search for clues together or compete head-tohead. Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir also includes gamesharing with DS Download Play so friends and family can share the experience.