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Kupi Harry Potter - Playset Ollivanders Wand Shop (N)

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Tip: Harry Potter

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At Ollivander's, the magic wand chooses you and not the other way around. Now you can recreate the very special atmosphere of the iconic store with this unique play set.

This play set is for all Harry Potter fans who love to immerse themselves in the many amazing stories and locations from the magical universe. With the set, you can visit the alluring and legendary shop owned by Garrick Ollivander, who sells magic wands.

The play set includes mini-characters by Harry Potter and Ollivander. You can push the stairs down with your Harry Potter figure to watch the ladder slide across the floor. Levitify the lamp or make the shelves move in the store. When you have finished playing, simply close the play set and save the characters for another day where you need a little magic dust in everyday life!

Age: 4+

Harry Potter - Playset Ollivanders Wand Shop

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