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Kupi BRIO - 50 Natural Building Blocks (30113) (N)

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BRIO - 50 Natural Building Blocks (30113)This 50 piece set includes seven different shapes to build and construct with. All in natural wood.

195mm x 195mm x 95mm

BRIO Toys just turned 130, yet they feel more vital than ever.

And that's a good thing when working with toys. Because just as play develops children, play has developed us as a company. Giving us decades of knowledge that goes into every product we make. BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills.

Play can create a better world. Literally.

BRIO wants to give everyone a happy childhood, but they want to give everyone a bright-looking future too. So from 2014, all of BRIOs wooden toys will be made from traceable wood coming from responsibly managed forests.