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Kupi BABY born - Brother Style and Play 43cm (833049) (N)

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No-one is a magician any more – today we say illusionist. And they no longer wear a smart suit, but a cool outfit. Just like Brother. The multi-talented little boy wears a checked shirt with a cool print, jeans-look trousers and fashionable trainers. His shoulder-length hair could be styled using his comb, but he prefers to wear it casually under his purple beanie. In his most famous magic trick, he lifts his arms above his head and looks far out into the heavens of the stage. It looks so impressive with his mobile shoulder and elbow joints and movable head. Then, he snaps his head down, swings his hips and whoosh, he is gone. A moment later, he reappears in the bath tub. Between his magic tricks, he always likes to do a little dance performance and swing his mobile knees. Then he suddenly stands stock-still – breakdancers call it a freeze.

• BABY born Brother
• With seven lifelike functions for lots of fun.
• All of BABY born’s outfits will fit him.
• Varied (role) play with BABY born boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.
• No batteries required.

BABY born Brother Style & Play 43cm with shirt, trousers, shoes and hat. Includes comb and one friendship bracelet each for the child and doll.

BABY born - Brother Style & Play 43cm (833049)BABY born - Brother Style & Play 43cm (833049)