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Kupi Playmobil - Ichiraku Ramenshop (70668) (N)

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Playmobil - Ichiraku Ramenshop (70668)Playmobil - Ichiraku Ramenshop (70668)Naruto and Kakashi's favorite ramen store. Here they regularly reminisce and talk about new missions.

Welcome to Ichiraku ramen shop, Naruto Uzumaki's favorite restaurant. Join Naruto and Kakashi and enjoy one of the delicious ramen soups that Chef Teuchi prepares fresh in the kitchen. Kakashi's dog Pakkun is also in on the action. To pay, Naruto pulls out his distinctive toad wallet. The set includes the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN characters Naruto Uzumaki and Kakashi Hatake with his pug Pakkun, as well as the popular Ichiraku ramen shop with Japanese cuisine and furnishings for reenacting exciting NARUTO adventures.


• Raise the traditional curtains and lantern by the lever for easier play inside the ramen shop

• The restaurant features a counter with three chairs and a well-equipped kitchen.

• The water barrel on the roof can be used as a secret hiding place or pen holder.

• The redesigned ramen bowls have attachments for chopsticks.