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Kupi Kotobukiya D - Style Raijin - Oh Kit

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Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh is a 51 episode Japanese anime television series, and the first series produced for the Eldran franchise funded by Takara Tomy and produced by Sunrise. It aired in Japan from April 3, 1991 to March 25, 1992. The story revolves around a group of elementary school children who are given command of a mecha named Raijin-Oh and their efforts to defend the Earth from the evil Jaaku (evil) Empire.The Jaaku Empire (literally "Evil Empire") comes to Earth with intent to conquer and despoil it. The "guardian of light" Eldran appears an Ultraman-like entity who is sworn to protect the universe and Earth in particular. Using the heroic robot Raijin-Oh, Eldran attempts to thwart the Evil Empire by preventing the missile from striking Earth. When the missile detonates against Eldran, the robot crashes into a Japanese elementary school. Eldran must leave to continue protecting the Earth, so he leaves the duty of defeating the Evil Beasts to a classroom full of children in the school where he crashed. He entrusts the children with Raijin-Oh, granting each child a different role to perform in either operating or supporting Raijin-Oh. Eldran also transforms their school itself, so it can transform into a command centre when Raijin-Oh is needed. Jin, Asuka and Koujii are chosen to lead Raijin-oh. If the enemy becomes too powerful for the trio to handle individually, all three robots will combine, and they form the Raijin-Oh,a large humanoid robot with wings. In the early parts of the series, the Raijin-Oh will trap its opponent with a beam from the Raijin Shield and finish it off with the Raijin Sword. Kotobukiya presents a new D-Style plastic model kit: Raijin-oh from Absolutely Invincible Raijin-oh! Consisting of 130 pieces made from pre-coloured plastic. Assemble as Jin, Asuka, and Kouji's parts, or put them all together to form Raijin-oh! Multiple points of articulation and different ways of assembling and combining the component machines making up Raijin-oh provide for a wide variety of display options! Height when made: 11cm Parts: 130 Scale: Non scaled