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Kupi 1955 The War Of Espionage

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Two players take on the role of Master Spies as they attempt to use their country's resources to sway the people of six countries into joining their faction. The two players draw from a communal deck to build their hands in an attempt to create card combinations that will allow the shifting of allegiance in six different countries. Every card may be used offensively, defensively or for a special effect. Careful planning and maneuvering of their master spy pawn results in increased effectiveness of the cards or the ability to trigger an offensive action that catches the opponent off guard. A game takes between 15 and 30 minutes for experienced players and between 30 and 45 minutes for inexperienced players. The game is marketed for ages 14 and up. 1955: The War of Espionage was released at GenCon 2011 by APE Games and Living Worlds Games.