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Kupi Shuffleboard and Curling (6951016) (N)

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Shuffleboard & Curling (6951016)Shuffleboard & Curling (6951016)Shuffleboard & Curling (6951016)Shuffleboard & Curling (6951016)Stanlord Curling & Shuffle Pro series 2i1Note, the Stanlord Pro version is slightly larger than the other Shuffleboards on the market and comes with 8 pucks and 8 stones.Stanlord Shuffleboard is a fun game for family and friends to score points by curling your pucks into your opponent's area. The game board is reversible and has the popular Shuffleboard on one side and Curling on the other.The game board is made of wood and has a lacquered playing surface which gives the best glide.Product information:Size: 130x35x3cmPlaying surface: 8mm MDFIncludes 8 pucks and 8 stones.

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