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Kupi Tante Agathes Testamente (DK+NO) (70080) (N)

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Tante Agathes Testamente (DK+NO) (70080)Aunt Agathe's Testament - A fun game for the whole family.

The players are gathered in Aunt Agathe's house to hear her will read out. Only one of the 12 invited guests will inherit her enormous fortune – namely the one who survives Aunt Agathe's will!

Who will it be? The gardener? The girlfriend? The cat? The answer is determined by the cards and the traps! Play your cards right and knock out your rivals using the 5 traps hidden around the house. Be careful not to fall down the stairs and watch out for the falling chandelier, the ladder that you can be pushed down, the toppling statue and a push into the fireplace!

If you can get through with your life before the detective reaches the front door, you will also be able to get away with the loot.

Product info:

  • 2-4 players.
  • Playing time 45 min.
  • Languages: Norwegian and Danish