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Kupi Terraforming Mars - Promo - Big/Small Box (LPFI_TMBOX) (N)

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NOTE. The product image shows the English maps. The cards in this package are in DANISH.

This set of 23 promo cards contains:
• Pharmacy Union (Corporation)
• AstroDrill (Corporation)
• Advertising
• Asteroid shield
• Asteroid colonies
• Comet control
• Clearing of Impact Site
• Advanced Technology
• Asteroid rockets
• Production diversity
• City with Particle Shield
• Imported Industry
Jupiter Embassy
• Magnetic Shield
• Meat industry
• Melting plant
• Mohole Lake
• Potatoes
• Underground Measurements
• Soil contract
• Deimos Crashed *
• Large Dam *
• Magnetic field generators *

* Updated maps: These maps replace certain maps that already exist in Terraforming Mars, so these can now also lay special pieces. The pieces are included in the Big Box, but not in this set of cards. Without the special pieces from Big Box, these updated cards should not be used.