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Kupi Guess Who - Harry Potter (Nordic + EN) (WIN5076) (N)

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Guess Who - Harry Potter (Nordic + EN) (WIN5076)Accio! We’ve summoned the famous game of deduction, ‘Guess Who?’, to Hogwarts! Use your knowledge of the Wizarding World to guess which character your opponent has hidden away – without the use of magic!

Narrow down your options from 24 students, teachers, and creatures as you take it in turns to ask yes or no questions about your opponent’s character. Does your character have a beard? Are they a professor? Close the windows of characters that don't fit the answers to your questions so you can keep track. Then, when you feel like you have your answer, you can guess your opponent’s character on your turn. If you’re right, you win! But watch out, because if you guess wrong, your opponent wins instead!