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Kupi MATCH - Gabby's Dollhouse (Nordic + EN) (WIN5401)

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Glowing cats, blue cats, cat lights... What adventures will Gabby and her friends from the world of toys have today? There's no room for boredom in the magical cat house. Resolute Gabi is a cat lover. Gabi's cat house holds a special place in her room. The dice are full of the girl's faithful friends who come to life in the Gabby’s Dollhouse, including Pandy Paws, Carlita, Cakey, DJ Catnip, CatrRat or Pillow Cat. You can arrange your own game time in the company of these adorable creatures. Just as Gabby and her companions took part in the Gabby’s Pussycat Games Tournament, you can follow in their footsteps too!

It's going to be an adventure!

TOP TRUMPS Match is a game for ages 4 and up - and it's worth noting the packaging, as the vertical board folds into a handy case. The practical solution not only works for travelling, but also at home. No mess when the game is over!

How to play The object of the TOP TRUMPS Match Gabby’s Dollhouse game is to arrange 5 identical cubes in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. Before starting the game, deal two character cards to each player. The other player's cards should remain unknown! The game begins with the younger player pushing the cube in the top left corner of the board. The second player, using the cube that has fallen on his side, pushes the next cube. The player who arranges a uniform vertical, horizontal or diagonal row - shouts MATCH and wins. Note that victory can be seized if the opponent has a card with a stacked figure.

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