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Kupi Monopoly - Squishmallows (ENG) (WIN0652) (N)

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Experience the cutest Monopoly ever: Monopoly Squishmallows!

Dive into a world of fluffy joy and strategic fun with Monopoly Squishmallows. This enchanting edition of the popular board game combines the classic Monopoly with the adorable world of squishmallows to create an unforgettable gaming experience for young and old alike. The Monopoly Squishmallows game board features colorful illustrations and lovable squishmallow motifs that make the hearts of young and old beat faster. Instead of Schlossallee, you can buy Cam the cat and many other cuddly animals.

When walking around the game board, different squishmallows can be discovered with one of the six collectible characters. The event and community cards this time are 'Mallow Days' and 'Squish Squad' cards with exciting tasks.

Each copy of the game comes with an exclusive squishmallow to collect and cuddle.

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