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Kupi Taco Back Goat Cheese Pizza (ENG) (N)

Cijena: 17,50 €

Status: U prodaji (Po narudžbi)


Taco Back Goat Cheese Pizza (EN)Taco Back Goat Cheese Pizza (EN)Say your word as you flip your card over!

Slap the pile with the correct side of your hand when the word matches the card!

If you're the last to slap the pile or you make a mistake you take all the cards!

But wait! There's more! In Taco BACK Goat Cheese Pizza, you'll be stressed out like never before! Some of the cards have turned their eponymous BACKS to you... when you draw such a card while saying its name, everybody rushes to smack the BACK of their hands onto the table - usually, it'd be the palm! If you make a mistake, tough luck, you lose the round!

Also enjoy the 3 new special cards - Moose, Panda and Sea Lion!

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