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Kupi Hori D-PAD Joycon Mario (Left) (N)

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D-Pad control finally comes to Nintendo Switch Handheld.

HORI answers prayers the world over with a PRO D-Pad controller (L) that vastly improves input precision and speed on Platformers, Puzzle, Action & Fighting Games.
Officially Licensed by Nintendo, the D-Pad Joy-Con provides style and substance; the transparent chassis is a retro call-back that hardcore gamers will love and the Special Edition Mario artwork and finish feels refined and premium.
Working Minus and Capture buttons round out full input functionality.
Get the HORI edge and complete your Nintendo Switch Handheld experience with the HORI D—Pad Joy-Con (Mario).

Key Features

・Officially Licensed by Nintendo
・Left Joy-Con Alternative with traditional D-Pad
・Suited for D-Pad intensive titles such as Platformers, Puzzle, Action & Fighting Games
・Can only be used in handheld mode
・Does not have vibration, motion sensors, NFC, or IR sensor.
・Does not include battery