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Kupi KontrolFreek - FPS Freek Edge - PS5/PS4 (4 Prong) (N)

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Product description

This striking blue Performance Thumbstick set features a sharp, eight contact point design that was laser-etched for exceptional grip. It pairs two different height thumbsticks for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Mixed height combo for faster target acquisition and increased precision on the right, as well as better control and manoeuvring on the left.

One high-rise, hybrid thumbstick that adds 10.4 mm for increased accuracy on right analogue.

One low-rise, convex (domed) thumbstick on the left analogue for enhanced control with in-game movement while adding a nominal height of 5.9 mm.

Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip, comfort, and reduces slip.

  • PS4 compatible.
  • PS5 compatible.
  • Size H12.7, W13.97, D3.81cm.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • For ages 7 years and over.
KontrolFreek - FPS Freek Edge - PS5/PS4 (4 Prong)KontrolFreek - FPS Freek Edge - PS5/PS4 (4 Prong)