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Kupi Multi Screen Protector Kit (N)

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This officially licensed set of screen protectors feature HD clarity, are anti-fingerprint, and have a scratch-resistant coating. The Multi-Screen Protector Kit comes with a cleaning cloth for before and after application, a helpful applicator tool that pushes out any air bubbles, and two screen protectors (one for the Nintendo Switch and one for the Switch OLED Model). Get the same durable coverage you would from a tempered glass screen protector without the risk of shattering or damaging your screen. Maximize your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)'s HP with the Multi-Screen Protector Kit.


  • Two sturdy screen protectors to safeguard either your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)
  • HD clarity, anti-fingerprint, and scratch-resistant coating
  • Made from durable materials to make it as thick as glass, but shatterproof
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth, applicator, and two screen protectors (1 for Nintendo Switch & 1 for Swicth OLED Model)
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo