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Kupi Harry Potter - Wireless controller - Hogwarts Legacy, Golden (N)

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Trade Invaders Hogwarts Legacy Wireless Controller - Gamepad - Nintendo Switch

The Hogwarts Legacy Vivet Dore Wireless Controller is designed to give gamers a magical experience. Its reliable wireless technology and advanced features offer improved performance and precision for more enjoyable and immersive gameplay. Ergonomic and durable, this controller provides users with exceptional grip and handling, and comes with high-precision keys and realistic vibrations. The long-range adapter provides a stable and reliable connection up to 17 meters away, even through walls. This controller is perfect for fans of the legendary Hogwarts universe and offers a comfortable and precise grip

Harry Potter - Wireless Switch controller

  • 4 ergonomic triggers
  • Motion control (gyroscope)
  • Play and charge simultaneously with the included USB-C cable (length 1M.)
  • 600mAh battery.
  • Autonomy of 6~8 hours
  • 4 LED indicators
  • Double vibration