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Kupi Battle Group (Android)

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Platforma: Android
Žanr: Akcija

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The near future. A pirate conglomeration equipped with the latest military hardware wages an unopposed war of plunder within the vital trade routes of the world. A naval force of modern warships drawn from a unified community of free nations is assembled to meet this growing threat. You are their commander. ****************************** TACTICAL ACTION / MODERN NAVAL WARFARE Fight off waves of air, land and sea based opponents. A simple to use control method lets you get straight into the action. USE ADVANCED ARMAMENTS Control the devastating power of modern naval weaponry including anti-air missiles, naval guns and jump jet interceptors. CUSTOMIZE YOUR FLEET Select from a diverse range of ship types including Patrol Boats, Guided Missile Frigates, Aircraft Carriers and more. UNLOCK NEW SHIPS AND SPECIAL ABILITIES A reward system for exceptional performance allows you to purchase new ship classes. Gain experience in battle to unlock abilities specific to each of these. IMMERSIVE STORYLINE Who are these pirates? What are their true motivations? And is everything as it seems? Uncover the sinister plot as told through the dialogue of veteran video gaming voice actor Bob Carter. AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE Researched and developed in consultation with actual ex-serving naval personnel. MUCH MORE COMING SOON Upcoming expansions include new ship classes, campaign missions, enemies, play modes and multiplayer. Zahtjevi minimalno: Android version 2.3 or higher