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Kupi Dojo Madness (Android)

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Platforma: Android
Žanr: Akcija

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Dojo Madness plunges you fist first into a flurry of kung fu action! You must defend your Dojo by using lightening speed reflexes against the mighty Samurai Wolves of the west, the traitorous Turtles from the deep oceans in the south and the crushing Gorilla Gangs from the dark woodlands of the east. As these vicious foes surround you, you must use all your kung fu skills to defeat them. Your killer combos enhance you by harnessing supreme ninja warrior attacks that upgrade the longer your combos continue on. Your magic spiritual essences allows you to defeat your enemies with long range attacks. When trouble strikes, crouch into your Raccoon defence mode to rethink your strategy. FEATURES • Survive the onslaught of skilful ninja foe by testing your lighting kung fu reflexes • Combos advance your kung fu by enabling supreme ninja warrior attacks • Use melee, projectile and defensive strategies to save your furry butt! • Stylised cartoon graphics in full 3D • Online leader boards and achievements • Embrace the Raccoon Ninja within you! Zahtjevi minimalno: Android version 2.2 or higher