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Kupi Tiger Woods Pga Tour 2006 (PSP)

Cijena: 13,14 €
Platforma: PSP
Žanr: Golf

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New Rivals Mode: Use the revolutionary GameFace character customisation tool to bring a golfer to life and prove yourself as the greatest golfer of all time by taking on legends anjd top PGA TOUR pros on their terms. Work your way through a challenging collection of tournaments, matches, mini games, and “Rivals Challenges” that pit you against each of the game’s 14 PGA TOUR stars. Each win moves you a step closer to the ultimate showdown against golf’s fiercest competitor: Tiger Woods. Only victory will satisfy your quest to become #1 on the all-time leaderboard. New Analog Putting: Putting is now easy to learn yet delivers the challenge of real life putting for you to master. Judge the slope and the break of the green. Take aim and then use the Analog stick to make your putt at the perfect speed and angle. Exclusive Mini Game: Race against the clock in the all-new Putting Frenzy to score as many points as possible by sinking tough putts. Three putting greens exclusive to the PSP portable system have been created so you can show-off your putting skill in a Tropical Paradise, the Scottish highlands, or down in Antarctica.