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Kupi Battlefield 4 Premium Edition ORIGIN Key (PC)

Cijena: 16,00 €
Platforma: PC
Žanr: FPS

Status: U prodaji
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Prilagođeno za dob: PEGI 18


Battlefield 4 Premium Edition gives you new maps, modes and more in one simple package. Complete challenging assignments to unlock new weapons. Dominate tactical challenges in a huge interactive environment - demolish buildings shielding your enemies, lead an assault from the back of a gun boat or make a little C4 go a long way. In massive 64-player battles, use all your resources and play to your strengths to carve your own path to victory.xa0Key Features:xa0Dynamic battlefields.xa0Interactive environments react to your actions in real-time, so you can trigger a shipwreck or flood the streets for a tactical advantage. Your opponents wont know what hit em.More vehicles, more freedom.xa0Control the battlefield with dozens of vehicles, from helicopters and stealth jets to gunboats and anti-airs, all designed to give you an edge on massive, chaotic maps.An intense single-player campaign. With international tensions running high, you’ll need to evacuate critical American VIPs from Shanghai and battle against the odds to get your squad home.xa0Premium Edition includes:xa0All five expansion packs.xa0Get 20 new maps, 48 exclusive assignments, new modes and more.Exclusive personalization options.xa0Outfit yourself with the latest camos, paints, emblems and dog tags. With gear for all four combat roles, the combinations are endless.Priority position in server queues.xa0Jump into the fight as quickly as possible. Priority position means you can start breaking the enemy faster.12 bonus Battlepacks.xa0Get your hands on gun attachments, XP boosts and customizations only available to Premium members.

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