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Kupi Hearts of Iron IV - Allied Speeches Pack (DLC) (PC)

Cijena: 45,00 HRK
Platforma: PC
Žanr: Strategija

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Allied Speeches Pack

Monumental and inspirational moments from history come alive in your Hearts of Iron IV game with the Allied Speech Pack. Set to activate when certain in-game conditions are met, the Allied Speech Pack brings you closer to the past.

Over 70 minutes of speech taken from the darkest days of the last century. 13 total speech excerpts “Peace in our time” declares Neville Chamberlain, as he sells out Czechoslovakia in favor of a temporary peace. “We shall fight on beaches” proclaims Winston Churchill, demonstrating the iron resolve that will get Great Britain through its darkest hour. “I have returned” declares Douglas MacArthur, the titan of America’s army in the Pacific. And 10 more speeches from leaders of the Allied nations.

This content requires the base game Hearts of Iron IV on Steam in order to play.

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