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Kupi Chivalry 2 Epic key (PC)

Cijena: 41,00 € / 308,91 kn
Platforma: PC
Žanr: Strategija

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Return to the best medieval battlefield simulator Chivalry 2 is a first-person multiplayer shooter inspired by the epic battles of the medieval movies. Players jump into action in the defining moments of the era - from swords clashing, to raining fiery arrows, to the sweeping siege of castles, and much more.   Exclusive content for pre-orders: Royal Two-Handed Sword
Cut down your opponents with the Royal Two-Handed Sword, a powerful and formidable weapon. Perfect for when the enemy surrounds you and there's nothing left to do but give into the battle rage and die in glory.  

Minimum:   Windows OSWindows 10 64-bit   Windows Processor Intel i3-4370   Windows Memory8GB   Windows Storage20GB   Windows Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB  

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