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Kupi Oops Prank Party: 100 Party (Wii)

Cijena: 39,68 €
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Razno

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Presenting Oops!, and all new way to party on Wii™. Featuring an incredibly fun and smart mix of 100 brain-teasing, puzzle-solving, reflex-testing games, Oops! is the perfect centerpiece to any party, or just as the game to play after homework. Tease the competition with outlandish pranks, all in the name of good clean fun! Embarrassing outfits and side splitting family friendly pranks make up the light hearted taunts. Oops! will have players coming back for more off-the-wall 4 player action time and time again! • Tackle the Master mode with up to 3 players to best the Master computer opponent! Take your pick from 9 party game mixes and work together as a team to best the Master. • Board mode puts a spin on the gameplay by placing up to four players on your pick of 4 board types. Play an assortment of different games as you cross the board competing for who has the most Gold medals at the end! • Free Play mode gives the player free reign to construct their own party game playlist based on what games have been unlocked. • Trial Mode plays host to a straight forward competition between 4 of your friends or families to see who’s got the best skills in stages already played in the Master Mode! • Play through an incredibly fun mix of 100 games designed for multiplayer wackiness! • From brain games to action packed platforming, Oops! keeps players on their toes and in the action. • Character creation tool enables players to customize their on screen avatar. • Light-hearted and hilarious, Oops! adds a humorous spin on losing by allowing the winner to choose which player gets embarrassed! Featuring one of the most robust avatar creators in a party game, you’ll be able to create your onscreen personality to play as throughout the game. Go for the perfect match, or create a completely zany character; the choice is yours! Unlock new accessories and costume options through playing to get even more creative. Putting a new spin on hilarity, Oops! offers embarrassing costumes and pranks on the player that loses any given game. On screen actions have lasting effects on the character avatars that stay with them throughout the entire game. From throwing on a monkey costume to wearing cardboard pants; anything goes in this irreverent part of the game that will have players laughing out loud!