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Kupi Your Shape (Wii)

Cijena: 66,23 €
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Razno

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Finally the top announced Nintendo 2009 Fitness game is available for purchase. This amazing new system will lose your weight and gain you muscles in weeks time, thanks to the professional exercises and workouts that it provides! The game has a similar work ability like Project Natal which uses the new motion camera to scan your body and follow your movements without need of remotes or balance board. The sensors which are located in the Your Shape camera which gets bundled with the game, convert your movements into virtual one which show on your TV screen. From latest news if you buy Your Shape you will get the game which gets placed into Nintendo Wii and a camera which gets connected and placed in near your TV screen, in front of you, so it can follow your movements without any objects that can harm its view. Producers of the game promise that you will get one of the best exercises and workouts right in your home where you will perform them thanks to the step by step virtual trainer that will show you how to do them perfectly to guarantee you best progress in small time. Thanks to professional trainers the game will make a program that suits you need for specific muscle workout. That means you will be able to choose how many minutes the workout will be long, how many times per week you will be able to exercise and how difficult the routines should be. To give you top results when you buy Your Shape Wii you will get also many recipes and nutrition advices which you should follow to get best results after some weeks! After each workout you will also get information regarding your progress, calories burned and so on. Currently it is one of the best Wii Fitness games for Nintendo Wii!