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Kupi Stealth Assault: Urban Strike (PC)

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Platforma: PC
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Prepare for an intense FPS experience in a dangerous desert warzone. Prove your skills and survival instincts in Stealth Assault: Urban Strike!

AVOID TRAPS, SAVE HOSTAGES Navigate a high-stakes rescue mission, liberating hostages, eliminating threats, and outsmarting deadly traps.

TAKE OUT KAMIKAZE Act fast and stay cool under pressure as you face an imminent threat. Take down kamikaze bombers before they reach you with their explosive payload.

COMPLETE MISSION WITHOUT BEING KILLED Survival is your only option as hordes of enemies close in. Stay vigilant, complete the mission, and emerge victorious as you battle through overwhelming odds.

SHOOT THEM FROM THE DISTANCE Step into the shadows and become the unseen hunter. Armed with a sniper rifle, eliminate your enemies from afar with surgical precision.

Features: Abandoned desert town environment and realistic battle graphics Challenging missions in different regions for a real fighting experience of survival game Wide range of powerful weapons for a great shooting game experience Advanced upgrade system for your weapon and gear Smooth, modern and easy gameplay Exciting war story for true medal of honor fans! Addictive single player - adrenaline rush guaranteed!
In this action shooter game you take a role of a special forces soldier fighting against terrorists, mercenaries and bombers to prevent insurgency crysis in the hottest and most dangerous regions of the world. Aim and fire, fight fierce enemy soldiers in intense deadly combat on the frontline, save desert towns and villages, bring peace back to civilians and deserve your medal of honor. Get straight into the action of one of the best action shooting games!

Use your shooting skills to take them out in this killer game! Upgrade and equip better weapons to go into battle, improve your skills to be the best fighter in this survival game!

Experience the battle fps game, where you will go beyond the frontline and enter terrorist territory in an unknown desert of action shooting games. One of the best killer game where you start as a private soldier and work your way through challenges of deadly missions of commando on the frontline to become an elite war special force member, worthy of medal of honor!

This free army killer game will bring you a variety of first person shooting missions right on the frontline of battle actions. Are you ready for some top-secret assignments? Don't let enemy cameras detect you, stay out of sight and don't draw unnecessary attention. Find and rescue kidnapped children of VIP officials, locate and destroy hard drives and information transmitters, blow up illegal shipments of drugs and weapons, disable landmines and stay undetected by surveillance cameras to survive in this action game. Enemies are not aware of your presence so take your first shot wisely - operation Desert Storm killer game starts here!

As you are embarking on a one man mission, your task is to complete challenging assignments and free the area from brutal terrorists and suppress the insurgency crysis. You are supposed to kill all the enemies, clear the streets with your powerful and destructive guns. As a commando, you need a great courage to face the fierce enemy beyond the frontline of the desert storm. Terrorist has taken several small locations in the desert and you are a assigned to clear the area and defend civilians, as you are the best commando having good battlefield experience. Use your one man army skills and clear all levels and bring operation Desert Storm to victory - prove that you deserve to wear your medal of honor!

You have a modern arsenal of the most popular weapons at your disposal to help you in this survival game to stop the insurgency crysis. Break into enemy territory, firing from your weapons left and right, or choose a stealthy path, taking down enemies one by one with a sniper rifle from a safe distance.

Fight in the local conflicts on a good side to prevent the insurgency crysis and terrorist organizations from expanding beyond the fronline and bring the world to chaos! We need you to join the operation Desert Storm!

Your medal of honor is waiting for you!

Very exciting Offline first person shooter game! Complete every level and stop the insurgency crysis on the planet! We will see you on the frontline!

MINIMUM: OS *: Windows XP or later Processor: 1 Ghz Memory: 256 MB RAM Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 supported GPU Storage: 200 MB available space Sound Card: OpenAL

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