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Kupi Project Runway (Wii)

Cijena: 33,05 €
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Simulacija

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Compete to become the next top fashion designer with Project Runway on Wii. The only video game based on the award winning reality TV series Project Runway allows you to design top fashion trends and strut your stuff down the runway. Compatible with the Wii balance board. Face Heidi Klum and the judges to find out the results of your fashion design challenge. The Project Runway video game will put players in the role of an aspiring fashion designer. Similar to the show, players will be presented with different challenges as they create designs and adorn models with hair, make-up, and accessories. Players can then become the model and strut their creations down the runway using the Wii Balance Board accessory. Capturing the true essence of Project Runway, the title will feature the show's talent. Unique features of the Project Runway video game will include: an interactive garment studio, a fashion career mode, hair and make-up studios, a Wii Balance Board-compatible catwalk game and a feature where the player can take part in high-profile fashion shoots and take on the role of a fashion photographer. All fun and family friendly game features are based on the content from the show. Receive your challenge: haute couture, hip hop, rock star fashion, newspaper dress, school uniform, & more Create your design: choose from an enormous selection of colour, fabrics, material, accessories Customize your model: select from hundreds of options for hair, skin tone, make up, and features Strut the runway model your unique designs. Use the optional Wii Balance board to test rhythm and posing Face the judges: get feedback from top fashion celebrities including Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors Jump in and play access instant game play options including design challenges, quick play, runway, photo shoot, and pose off