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Kupi Rapala We Fish (Wii)

Cijena: 33,05 €
Platforma: Wii
Žanr: Simulacija

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A whole new species of fishing game, Rapala: We Fish brings the wacky fun of Wii gameplay to fishing, and vice-versa. Experience fishing in ways you never thought possible as you race your motorboat to capture the best fishing holes and reel in the biggest pile of fish before your friends beat you to it. But you had better hurry. Not only will you have to land the biggest and best fish out there, but you'll also have to speed back to the finish line before time runs out to claim victory. Game Modes Rapala: We Fish features a wealth of gameplay modes. Combined with the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote that will have you casting like an pro in no time at all, these modes ensure that the Rapala: We Fish has something for every player in your household. Five in all, the modes available include: co-op tournaments, 4 player split-screen and various other multiplayer modes. Players can choose from five characters to play as, or they can personalize the game by importing their favorite Miis. Arcade style party game featuring hilarious and fast paced action. 24 tournaments in 8 global fishing hotspots. Play as one of several in-game characters, or import your favorite Mii character. Robust multiplayer - up to 4 player split screen and 4 multiplayer modes. Wacky and funny gameplay where the fish are the stars of the show. Humorous in-game personalities that will make players laugh out loud. "Kart" style races in which players must avoid obstacles, bottlenecks and currents. Tons of zany power-ups used to gain the advantage on the water.