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Kupi Minecraft Dungeons Xbox (PC)

Cijena: 21,99 10,99 €
Platforma: PC

Status: U prodaji
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Prilagođeno za dob: PEGI 7


Take part in unforgettable battles in this new action game set in the world of Minecraft and inspired by classic dungeon crawl RPGs! Venture into dungeons alone or with friends! In a team of up to four players, tear through varied levels full of enemies and treasure to rescue the settlers and defeat the evil Archmage at the end of this epic journey! Discover armories full of powerful weapons and items that will serve you to take down hordes of brand new and fierce enemies. Heroic combat or no less heroic escape will lead you to canyons, swamps and, of course, mines! Any adventurer brave enough (or reckless enough) to venture into this beautiful world made of blocks will need good equipment. So grab your weapons!   Underground creeper! Face all-new nasty mobs in a thrilling adventure inspired by classic dungeon crawl RPGs. Multiplayer mode! Up to 4 players can venture into dungeons in cooperative mode. New power! Unlock dozens of unique items and weapon-cast spells to perform devastating special attacks. Possibilities! Personalize your character and choose your fighting style: will you finish off your enemies with skilled blows delivered from close range, projectiles from the back line, or will you plow into the middle of a crowd of mobs under the cover of heavy armor? Epicness! Explore levels full of treasures until you reach the evil Archmage and defeat him once and for all!

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