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Kupi Twin Mirror (PC)

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Platforma: PC

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Sam Higgs left his hometown, and everyone he knows, behind two years ago. But the death of his best friend Nick calls the former investigative journalist back to confront the town’s troubled past—and his own. He soon becomes drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue as all is not as it seems in the small town of Basswood, West Virginia. Forced to face himself and the townsfolk, Sam struggles to balance the scales of reconciliation and his life-changing investigation. He must decide how much he’s willing to risk to uncover the mysteries of his hometown.


Explore Sam’s unique and analytical ways in his expansive Mind Palace, where you can revisit his past, relive old memories, and reconstruct events. There, you can go through possible scenarios, envision how things could’ve gone, and follow the clues to your next lead. Be careful, though—the Mind Palace is a reflection of Sam’s state of mind, for better or worse. 


You can also speak with your Double, who is the more social and empathic side of yourself that nobody else can see. You must navigate the dangers of Sam’s conflicted thoughts and feelings together: will your Double become a trusted confidante or an unwelcome guest? 


In Twin Mirror, every decision you make alters the course of your investigation, as well as your relationships in Basswood. Trust others or rely only on yourself in your hunt for the truth. But no matter your choices, your story is yours. Take a look in the mirror—what will you see?

Xbox One Xbox Series X|S