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Kupi Skull and Bones (Uplay) (EU) (PC)

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Platforma: PC
Žanr: Akcija

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ENGAGE IN THRILLING NAVAL COMBAT Sail the lawless seas solo or team up with two other players to partake in shareable contracts and rewards.   CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHIP TO MATCH YOUR PLAYSTYLE Craft and sail up to 10 different ships at launch, each with unique perks to match your own personal playstyle   Become the most infamous pirate kingpin Face cutthroat pirate hunters, deadly sea monsters, unpredictable weather, dangerous rogue waves, supernatural threats, and more as you explore a vast open world.

Operating SystemWindows 10 CPUIntel i7 4790 / AMD Ryzen5 1600 GraphicsNvidia GTX 1060 6GB / AMD RX 570 8GB RAM Memory8GB (Dual-channel setup) Storage65GB SSD Additional Notes1080P / 30FPS - Low preset
DirectX 12

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