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Kupi Snow X Racing (PS 2)

Cijena: 149,00 HRK
Platforma: PS 2
Žanr: Sport

Status: Rasprodano (Info o proizvodu)(Po narudžbi)

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Your love for the snow and addiction to adrenaline have come together to give you thrills and chills and you won´t stop until you become number one. Your competitors are hard and ruthless and want victory at any cost, so you’ll have to out smart and out speed the best of the best if you want to reach the gold. From a snow circuit in an old Russian quarry to New York streets or open tracks in northern Sweden race around the world and prove your worth. 18 different races, separated into 8 open and different groups. More than 16 acrobatics full of adrenaline! Use them to gain speed and power. Customize your snowmobile with new parts and decals. Single player mode: Race and Quick Race modes. Multiplayer: Split screen.