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Kupi 100 Classic Games (NDS)

Cijena: 39,68 €
Platforma: NDS
Žanr: Razno

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100 Classic Games Nintendo DS: You will never get bored with this collection. Whether you want to play a quick, challenging game or a knuckle-whitening adventure for an entire evening, there is something for everyone. Simply start, select, and begin playing: 100 brain-exercising games, Sudoku, popular Board Games such as Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Puzzle Games and well-known Card Games like Texas Hold'em Poker. The intuitive control with the stylus and the step-by-step demonstrations make getting used to this fantastic game world a breeze. * 100 game classics like Chess, Poker, Solitaire etc. * Puzzles, Board Games, Card Games and more. * Various degrees of difficulty. * Intuitive Touch-control. * Challenging computer opponents. * Hot Seat support.