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Kupi Así - Leo doll clothes - (3185951) (N)

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Así - Leo doll clothes - (3185951)Nice ASI Leo doll clothes - light blue with small white clouds
The fine doll clothes for the ASI Leo doll fit all ASI dolls that measure 50 cm.

The set here consists of a cute anorak and hood in light blue with small white clouds, in addition a pair of long white soft trousers with feet. This set is in beautiful Scandinavian colors and prints.

The clothes for the Asi dolls are of the finest quality and are not like traditional doll clothes but look like real baby clothes, they are sewn so nicely with many fine details.

Delivered on a nice cardboard hanger.

- From 3 years

- Measures 46 cm

- Soft Body - Fill Kapok