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Kupi Baby Annabell - Alexander 43cm (701898) (N)

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Tip: Lutke i dodaci, Baby

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With his soft body and lifelike features, Alexander accompanies the youngest doll parents through the day. Alexander laughs so much when he gets tickled that he sometimes gets to fart. What he has not burped up after drinking always finds its way out. Alexander loves his blue bottle and moves his mouth and makes drinking noises when he sucks on it. If he does not get food fast enough, real puppet tears will probably come, and maybe Alexander will start crying. But there are plenty of ways to make him happy again. His favorite way is to jump on someone's knee as it makes him laugh. When he takes his pacifier in his mouth, it is usually time to sleep. Then he loves to be rocked back and forth. It makes him yawn and he closes his eyes and falls asleep with deep breathing. The doll responds to touch and movement, which increases the lifelike play and develops the child's empathy and sense of responsibility. Baby Annabell doll with lifelike features.

The product includes:

  • Baby Annabell Alexander doll, 43 cm
  • Kick suit
  • Hat
  • Bib
  • Bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Necklace
  • Battery: 3xAA (not included)