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Kupi Baby Annabell - Lunch Time Annabell 43cm (702987) (N)

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Lunchtime! Prepare Baby Annabell a delicious meal from her food chips. The little gourmet can then be fed from her sheep-shaped plate using the spoon. As soon as the spoon touches her lips, Annabell opens her mouth so you can feed her. She smacks her lips with enjoyment and audibly swallows the food. When she is full up, her mouth stays shut, she cries and says “Mmm!” Perhaps she has eaten too much and has tummy ache? After lunch, it’s time to go to the toilet. Pressing her tummy makes her do a number two; you will find chips with little poos in the potty. Sometimes, Annabell is just thirsty. Then she sucks audibly on her bottle. After feeding, she has her lunchtime nap. Annabell closes her sleeping eyes as soon as you lay her on her back. “Sweet dreams” – of broccoli, apple purée and mashed carrots, for example.

  • Baby Annabell branded doll with lifelike functions.
  • Can be fed her food and goes to the potty.
  • Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy.
  • Requires batteries (not included).
Baby Annabell Lunch Time 43cm with top, trousers and hat. Including bib, bottle, plate, spoon, food box with food chips, potty and poo chips.

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