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Kupi BABY born - Bath Deluxe Boy Outfit 43cm (830499) (N)

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Tip: Lutke i dodaci, Baby born

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“Yes exactly, move your legs like a frog…” BABY born’s Brother is teaching her how to swim. After all, he is the best brother in the world, which is also why it says “best bro” on his yellow shirt. The blue swimming shorts are covered in prints showing Berta in a duck lifebelt. The boy is wearing blue-and-white baby sandals so he can walk around easily at the pool. After the swimming lessons, he puts on the blue bathrobe. The hood with a bear face and ears is extremely cool. After all, polar bears are really good swimmers.

  • High-quality clothing for the BABY born branded doll.
  • For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play.
  • Very easy to put on and take off.
BABY born Bath Deluxe Boy Outfit 43cm with bathrobe, shirt, shorts and shoes.

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